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Designed for Academicians

Distribute your researches, articles in text or audio-visuals. Dont restrict your academic excellence to a physical classroom. Nor do you have to now worry about protecting your intellectual property.

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Basic Focused Features

User Friendly

We designed it to be handy for students of all different backgrounds.
It is for ease of access of materials distributed through the app.

Delivery Pace

We have used servers that handle
Weight, Speed and Smoothness.
In order to maintain viewer delight..

24/7 Support

All academicians are free to reach out to us at anytime to update and ammend.


Our goal is to primarily secure the academicians' intellectual properties.

Subscription Based

In order to provide academicians' returns on their academical intelectual properties, students have to pay and subscribe.

Academic Alternate

Academicians can reach out to students in larger geography. Unresricted by factors of proximity.

Download The Demo App

The prototype is made for Android Phone, other devices will be released as per order. Current version will also be made available in Andriod App Store and iOS Play Store. ##Demo Username : bar1 Password: bar1

For Android Phones (.apk)
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